Additional Download Information

Trying to decide on a format? Want to make sure you'll be able to play the film? Read on.

You can download test clips in all the formats here for free. Just click on the ones that you're interested in.

The Windows versions are in Windows Media Player format; you'll need at least Windows Media Player 9 to play them. The Mac versions are in the Quicktime h264 codec.

Really, really technical info about the film:

"Copley: An American Fairytale" was shot in Super 35mm format on Kodak 500 speed film stock using Panavision cameras and lenses. To read more about the groundbreaking workflow, click here.

Legal Stuff - Important!

Please note that this is a copyrighted work, and purchasing the download gives you the right to keep and view the movie at your convenience on whatever hardware you wish, but for private purposes only. Public showings, showings for profit and general unlicensed distribution are prohibited and punishable by law.